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No classes Tuesday & Wednesday

April 2, 2012

Dear students,
I am still not well, and I will not be able to come to classes all of this week.

So there are no classes on Tuesday or Wednesday.

– Ms. Shatha

  1. Mahdi alfadhly permalink

    It’s ok don’t think about classes now
    Just Take a break and try to recover
    What is important now is your health

  2. HANAN HAIDAR EL111 SEC 202 permalink


  3. Faten Belal permalink

    ما تشوفين شر

  4. mariam permalink

    لابأس طهورا انشاءالله

  5. Vili permalink

    Ms.Shatha,so sorry to hear that you don’t feel well.Your health is the most important so take a good rest and hope you will get better soon.Take care of you and your health and don’t worry about us,we will wait for you 🙂

  6. Bassel Nassif permalink

    Get well soon wish’s :))

  7. anwar permalink


  8. Saad Al-Enezi permalink

    Hope you will get better soon!
    Just wonder about our marks. How we can find out about it ?
    I will go back to sleep😌😌😌
    Best regards

    • Saad Al-Enezi permalink

      Some comments, I could feel smell that they were asking about getting more marks from you Ms. Shatha, Lol

      Guys Ms. Shatha will helps us any way. Whatever she is sick or not.

      Basl I miss you my friend see you next week, work hader on Arabic too.

      Have a great day guys!

      • Ahmad permalink

        I smeel, u smeel, we all smeel, that u r a smeely parson ;D

  9. Maha permalink

    Ms shatha salamat and take care

  10. Ahmad Naifh permalink

    Slamat Ms Shatha & i hope you will better now !!!

  11. Abdulaziz Alansari permalink

    take care ms

    see you next week

  12. Sadoun Almuwaizri permalink

    Ms Shatha take care about your self dont thinking about the classes

    i hope you get better soon

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